This will ensure there were no diseases or fungus that were growing in the soil while the roots were rotting. . . . In general if you wish to re-use any soil always think about crop rotation – for example never use the same soil for growing the same vegetables year after year.

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After the potting soil has been sterilized, mix it with a 50/50 mixture of new potting soil and the sterilized soil.

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. 15$ of new, healthy soil can grow you a plant that can yield the equivalent of thousands of dollars of weed. . Here’s how to sterilize soil after root rot: Step 1: Remove the dead plant from the soil.

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Root rot soil is often characterized by a dark color, an unpleasant odor, and a slimy texture. . Still, depending on the type of root rot, many recommend discarding tainted soil, as sterilization isn’t always effective against some fungi.

If fungi remain in the soil, plants will likely get infected again.